What is a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are support staff that work remotely to help you reduce your workload.  Some VAs specialise in certain areas and some may offer generalised services.

What is the difference between a VA and a Temp?

VAs work remotely and you communicate with their via online channels like Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, Email etc. 

Temps provide on site support and can either work at your work premises or home and they are available for face to face meetings.

What about payment?

Payment with your VA is generally done at the end of the month or at the completion of a job/assignment when an invoice is provided.

As VAs/Temps are business owners you do not pay any tax, superannuation or holiday pay etc.

How To Reach Us

Have some questions about becoming a VA or are you a business owner wanting to know more about how to hire a VA, then send us a message.